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Self Sabotage

How often do you think that you will get started on eating healthy, you’re going to give it absolutely everything and not fall off the wagon this time. Then along comes a work lunch or morning tea, or your partner asks you to go out to your favourite restaurant or you are just tired and want some chocolate. Uh oh your mind tells you that you’ve fallen off the band wagon again!

But have you really.

Self sabotage is a label given to yourself by your mind and is something that is really open to a matter of perception. Unless we are dieting for a body building comp or trying to make a weight cut, at what point did we ever decide that cutting out everything that is fun and enjoyable in our life surrounding food is completely necessary to be either entirely healthy or to lose weight? No wonder people either hate dieting, are not successful at it or get miserable when they are!

The first thing here is to challenge your perspective of healthy eating. There is no singularly accepted definition here as different areas within the industry view this as different (which is part of the problem). However, a more recently proposed and widely accepted definition is, that we need to look at food on a sliding scale, one end consists of food that is high in nutrients and one end is low nutrient dense food. We should be eating food across a variety of levels on this scale with the predominant amount coming from the middle to right hand side (high nutrient), but that there is nothing wrong with eating foods on the other end (paraphrased from Dr Mike Israetel).

From here as well comes the stories and the perceptions of what we are and are not capable of.

Let’s look at a list of common stories:

  • I don’t have time
  • I don’t have the money
  • I might hurt myself
  • I have an old injury
  • I will always be overweight
  • I won’t stick it out
  • I might be uncomfortable doing this
  • and so on.

How do we get around these?

Firstly you need to break down what you think dieting and exercising really consists of. Do you, subconsciously in your mind think that eating a balanced diet includes not partaking at morning teas or eating out? Does it mean in your head eating a strict diet and having to prep copious amounts of meals? Ask yourself some questions, write it down and then write down a positive belief you can adopt that blows the negative limiting belief out of the water. Do the same thing for exercise. If you have been injured before find someone who specialises in this, maybe go to a physiologist. Take some time to really challenge your own perceptions and negative limiting beliefs to open your eyes to the bullshit that your mind is spinning.

Half of our own self sabotage is telling ourselves we are sabotaging ourself and then beating ourself up. Success occurs by:

  • Recognising where you are going wrong and if you are actually going wrong, and implementing ways to fix this. For example if you have morning tea’s at work give yourself permission to enjoy the food!  There is nothing wrong with having a little bit rather then depriving yourself and binging later. Alternatively go for a walk, eat a big meal before hand etc but these are only diversion tactics. You need to address the underlying mindset that drives this behaviour.
  • Can you be better prepared with bringing foods to work, maybe organise buying something like Youfoodz instead of takeaways at lunch.
  • Get help! Hire someone who is knowledgeable and can help you recognise these patterns and break through the cycle.

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