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Return To Exercise

Get back to moving and grooving with the 6-week training!

Alicia Fistonich

Mother & Personal Trainer

Sometimes the biggest weights we move in our life are ones we place on ourselves.

Move the Weight is about showing women that they can move more weight than they think, whether that is weight on the bar or weight off themselves both physically, emotionally and mentally.


Control your body and emotions

Strength Coaching

General coaching to help improve your overall strength as well as powerlifting for competition.

Technique Coaching

Mobility and movement assessments with technique correction assessments and homework.

Pre & Post Natal

We can look after you and help your safe return to, or ongoing strength training tailored for your needs.

Nutritional Guidance

Macro coaching, nutritional guidelines, skin folds or body fat scan assessments.

Let's move that mindset!

Book in a consultation time with me and see how we can change you, your body and mind.

Thoughts & Blogs

Move that mindset

Post-Body Building Binge

So you’ve just finished your body building shows, how’s that reverse or rebound going? It could be your first season or your 5th, it doesn’t matter this part of competing and coming out of dieting is definitely the hardest. One of the more common things popping up now is people setting their goals to compete...
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I Can’t See How This Will Work

This is actually something I hear quite a bit-not just with nutrition but with exercise too. “This feel so strange, I’m not sure I’m doing it right?” “I can’t see how this will work to help me achieve my goals?” “How can what I am doing get me to where I want to go?” Any...
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How Long Have You Been Trying To Find Your Happy Place?

I had someone say to me today that they had been trying to lose weight for over two years now and thanked me for an email I had sent out explaining that you don’t have to give the sabotaging voice in your head power. It is a choice. I actually sat back for a second...
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