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Our Mindset

I know a lot of people reading this will struggle with motivation, or they will think they do; or, will think the only way to lose the weight they feel they so desperately want to lose is quite probably by attempting to go on some kind of crash diet, or making sure they only eat 1500/1800 calories per day.

How many people will try and be good all week and eat clean only to get to the weekend and then think they can reward themselves or they have one food that they don’t consider “clean” or “good”, then their whole weekend is metaphorically ruined.

Our mindset drives everything, we are told that when we do everything, we should do it now and get results now (cue 8-12 week challenges). When we decided something is an issue and it is making us unhappy (or so we think) it creates anxiety and panic which urges us to make drastic decisions and choices without actually addressing the root of the problem.

Being successful with our mindset does not mean having an “all or nothing” personality, how long have you been able to sustain this? You live under the story that this is what you are but then can only commit to this mindset for such short periods of time. In reality, if you gave 50% of this level of consistency for 4 x as long can you imagine how much higher up the mountain you would go?

Imagine if you started off your journey at a 5% level of effort, how easy would that be? And every, single day, you added just 1%. Like putting one foot in front of the other.

Eventually, we will be operating at 50%, then our new 50% will soon move to become our new 20% as we get better and more efficient.

Mindset changes start with awareness and small steps. Stepping back from the panic of your mind and allowing it to settle before moving forward, so what if every 5 steps you have to stop and take a step back to reassess? You’ve probably moved 5 more steps forward then you have ever done before because there is no rush.

Try some deep breathing, and allow your thoughts to settle. You know what will actually make you happier? Having urges that no longer control you, or thoughts that make you anxious, or feelings that you believe are true, derived from thoughts and stories you tell yourself based off one idea. Have a think about when you do this and write it down, I would love to hear about the stories and ideas you tell yourself!

Mine used to be that I’m already fat and now I’ve had this chocolate I might as well eat more because it can’t get worse, or I’ll deal with it tomorrow, or see this is why you keep failing. You can see how my brain was wired for self-sabotage. Now, even if these thoughts appear they are for a brief second because they have no value to me anymore. I look at them with the same emotion as paint on a wall. Nothingness.

So this week work on acknowledging your thoughts don’t ignore them but acknowledge that they don’t control you and are not helpful. Work on paying attention to the stories you tell yourself no matter how little and write this down. You will be surprised.

Photo courtesy of Howard Schatz.

Alicia Fistonich of Move The Weight is a Strength and Conditioning coach based out of Valhalla Strength in Brisbane. She offers strength coaching, technique coaching, pre and post natal training, nutrition coaching and online training and nutrition coaching.

Contact Alicia by email alicia@movetheweight.com or follow her on her social media.


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