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Do you have bad technique and not even know it?

I’m not going to lie, I think it is incredibly hard these days for your average, every day person to find correct information about things relating to Health and Fitness. Whether that be nutrition or training because essentially what is lacking is context with the knowledge that is available. So when looking at technique, more...
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Are your Glutes not Firing?

Read time: about 5 minutes. Glutes can be complicated little buggers and it seems they are also the new buzz word in the fitness industry, more specifically strength or powerlifting community, as to why things happen. Online coaching sensations everywhere are claiming to have the best training programs to activate ze glutes and are building...
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Are you Sumo deadlifting right?

Sumo deadlifting is still a fairly popular deadlift style within strength training, powerlifting and bodybuilding training- Why? Because it reduces the lifters range of motion within a deadlift, technically making heavier weights easier to move as they don’t have as far to travel. It also places less load on the lower back because the torso...
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What Do Fitness Gurus Eat?

Everytime a fad diet pops up on the scene we’re given a new meaning for the word bland. Cut out carbs? No thank you. Quit sugar? In your dreams. Eat only liquids? Maybe in the space age. Read more at mydeal.com.au
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Our Mindset

I know a lot of people reading this will struggle with motivation, or they will think they do; or, will think the only way to lose the weight they feel they so desperately want to lose is quite probably by attempting to go on some kind of crash diet, or making sure they only eat...
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Core Strength In Lifting

I know we get told nearly all the time about how important your core is for lifting and that we don’t need to do anything else apart from squat and deadlift to strengthen it but is this really true? Well what if it isn’t strong in the first place? What If you actually don’t know...
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Exercising Around Injury

Lifting, injuries and perception If you are taking part in any kind of sport the chances are at some point in time you will have to deal with an injury, and injuries suck. For the most part a large amount of injuries can be prevented, by working on maintaining appropriate levels of mobility and ensuring...
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Why Are Lifting Competitions So Scary

I have been incredibly lucky over the last 2 and a half years to compete in, be surrounded by, and work in the Powerlifting community. As a sport it is both incredibly challenging, relentless and can be so rewarding and heart breaking at the same time. Mentally, practicing the art of strength training can do...
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Self Sabotage

How often do you think that you will get started on eating healthy, you’re going to give it absolutely everything and not fall off the wagon this time. Then along comes a work lunch or morning tea, or your partner asks you to go out to your favourite restaurant or you are just tired and...
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