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Return To Exercise

Get back to moving and grooving with the 6-week training!

Alicia Fistonich

Mother & Personal Trainer

Sometimes the biggest weights we move in our life are ones we place on ourselves.

Move the Weight is about showing women that they can move more weight than they think, whether that is weight on the bar or weight off themselves both physically, emotionally and mentally.


Control your body and emotions

Strength Coaching

General coaching to help improve your overall strength as well as powerlifting for competition.

Technique Coaching

Mobility and movement assessments with technique correction assessments and homework.

Pre & Post Natal

We can look after you and help your safe return to, or ongoing strength training tailored for your needs.

Nutritional Guidance

Macro coaching, nutritional guidelines, skin folds or body fat scan assessments.

Let's move that mindset!

Book in a consultation time with me and see how we can change you, your body and mind.

Thoughts & Blogs

Move that mindset

Do you have bad technique and not even know it?

I’m not going to lie, I think it is incredibly hard these days for your average, every day person to find correct information about things relating to Health and Fitness. Whether that be nutrition or training because essentially what is lacking is context with the knowledge that is available. So when looking at technique, more...
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Are your Glutes not Firing?

Read time: about 5 minutes. Glutes can be complicated little buggers and it seems they are also the new buzz word in the fitness industry, more specifically strength or powerlifting community, as to why things happen. Online coaching sensations everywhere are claiming to have the best training programs to activate ze glutes and are building...
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Are you Sumo deadlifting right?

Sumo deadlifting is still a fairly popular deadlift style within strength training, powerlifting and bodybuilding training- Why? Because it reduces the lifters range of motion within a deadlift, technically making heavier weights easier to move as they don’t have as far to travel. It also places less load on the lower back because the torso...
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